Current vacancies:

Design Engineer

  • Development of layouts of transmission units for off-road vehicles (tractors). Drive axles, power shift and infinitely variable transmissions, auxiliary equipment drives, selection of components for hydraulic control systems;

  • Analysis of the results of calculations of the developed structures. Completion of structures based on their results;

  • Analysis of failures of transmission units. Development of measures to improve reliability and durability...

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Project manager

with knowledge of Chinese and Russian languages

  • Assistance to the management of the company in handling daily issues;
  • Translation and sorting out technical data;
  • Promoting local projects;
  • Maintaining business contacts with relevant enterprises;
  • Market development, etc.

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  •  Translation of technical, social, economic and other texts, regulatory and technical documentation, correspondence with foreign organizations, as well as materials of conferences, meetings, seminars, etc.;

  • Interpreting and performing translations (complete and abridged) in a timely manner, while ensuring that the translations correspond to the lexical, stylistic and semantic content of the originals;

  • Editing of translations;


    Participation in the compilation of thematic reviews based on foreign materials...

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Hydraulic Engineer

  • Development of hydraulic systems for tractors (hydraulic transmission control system of the Powershift class, hydraulic system of tractor attachments, hydrostatic drive system for transmissions of the HST and CVT classes);

  • Selection of the element base of the developed hydraulic systems;

  • Modifications of hydraulic systems of serial tractors according to customer requirements...

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