The YTO Research and Development Center is one of the first nationally important technical centers for the development of agricultural machinery established in China. The center is also a research institution working with well-known institutes and engineering companies. The center has several foreign subdivisions: one in France (YTO France SAS) and one in Belarus (YTO Technology BLR). In total, the center employs more than 600 engineers who develop tractors, combines, agricultural  implements, as well as components for them - engines, transmissions, electronic control systems.

     The company's research and development center, in addition to development, is engaged in the experimental manufacture and testing of agricultural machinery, power equipment, their parts and components, as well as the development of unmanned systems, the creation of special test equipment. The company's test center is the largest testing and certification center in China. The center's specialists are working on the production and revision of technological standards for Chinese tractor products.

     The testing center is located in Henan province. It has modern equipment for all types of parametric and environmental tests as well as product safety tests.

     The following organizations operate on the basis of the center: China Tractor Quality Control and Inspection Center, China Scientific and Technological Achievements Inspection and Assessment Organization, Exhaust Pollution Control Organization, China Road Vehicle Fuel Control Organization, China Official Tractor Research Base of International Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, National Technical Committee for Tractor Standardization, China Scientific Society for Tractor and Agricultural Machinery Research, Tractor Industry Branch of China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association, etc.